We are committed to delivering solar power systems for residential and commercial projects. 

We design, build and install solar power systems to meet all our clients’ needs.

We will ensure that the product offerings are specified to make use of the highest quality materials and workmanship as well as reliable after sales support.

Our engineering teams will plan and design a system tailormade for your needs. Let us help you to find the right solution and call us today for a free consultation.

With the power of the sun, you take your power supply and energy management into your own hands.

Off Grid or Hybrid Solution

Clayton provides residential and small commercial properties with solar solutions to reduce the reliance on Eskom and lower their electricity bill. Many homeowners turn to our off grid or hybrid solar solution as most of their consumption is during the mornings and evenings and not during the day when solar power production is at it’s maximum.

Our off-grid or Hybrid solutions use lithium battery storage to store solar power generated during the day and make use of this stored energy to power your household appliances and lighting at night.

Grid Tied Solution

Clayton provides grid tied solar solutions for medium to large commercial properties. A grid tied solar solution consist of solar equipment connected to the Eskom grid and operates in conjunction with the national grid. At night when solar production is at a minimum, grid tied energy is supplimented to power offices and equipment, and during the day when solar production is at a maximum, solar energy is supplimented to power the same.

Our grid tied solution lowers your electricity bill substancially and gives you the ability to help the environment with cleaner energy.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Clayton provides solar water heating systems for residential or commercial properties. A solar water heating system harvest the heating power of the sun and converts into hot water.

Heat pumps (commanly used to heat swimming pools) and geysers could consume a big chunk of your electricity bill, this solution provides you with hot water in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our Evacuated Tube systems uses a technology invented in 1984 which has been tried and tested to be the most effective at heating water.

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