Stanlib manages and administers over R561 billion assets for over 400,000 retail and institutional clients and have a presence in eight African countries. Their headquarters is based at their Johannesburg office in Rosebank.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to deliver sound masking coverage throughout high-priority working spaces, including the Traders’ Floor and Fund Managers’ offices. This is a small sound masking system designed and calibrated to focus on specific areas within an office floor that is deemed critical.


The sound masking systems were delivered on time, within budget and according to our design and specification. The systems consist of:

  • 64x sound masking speakers
  • 2x 31-band graphic equalizers
  • 1x white noise generators
  • 1x power amplifiers
  • 300 metres of cabling.

Our project managers worked with the customer to install a system that was programmed and commissioned to provide sound masking coverage throughout the office spaces, concentrating on potential high noise areas. Once the new furniture was installed into the offices we were able to optimally programme the system with the final acoustic properties of these areas considered.


The client’s Fund Managers and Traders are managing high value investment portfolios and are making many critical financial decisions each day. The pressure they are working under requires full concentration and focus. The sound masking system delivered to the customer has assisted these employees by reducing the perceived ambient noise levels, enabling them to better concentrate. Stanlib benefits from their staff’s higher productivity levels and the financial decisions made in a less distracting environment.