Gutted by a fire in the 1990s, the ominous form of Society House in Lusaka, Zambia has stood derelict for the last fourteen years.


The redevelopment involved transforming the volume into a 160-room four star Holiday Inn hotel, with conferencing facilities, a retail mall, A-grade offices, and a 1,100-car parking garage. A 20-storey fire escape will shimmy down the exterior frame, in an effort to ‘animate’ its simplistic façad.


The recently completed refurbishment of Lusaka’s Society House involved the installation of multiple services across the mall, office block and Hilton hotel.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to undertake a full system evaluation of the existing smoke detection system in the venue. We are also responsible for the phased long term refurbishment project of the system and the weekly maintenance. Full and thorough maintenance services are required of Clayton, as a trusted service provider, to ensure full compliance with safety regulations in this critical and dynamic venue.


Services installed include:


  • Voice Evacuation and BGM throughout
  • Integration with Smoke detection in the hotel for phased evacuation functionality
  • Panic alarm system
  • Fire phone system
  • Parking CCTV
Our project managers are working with the main contractor and landlord to address concerns over high risk zones and to ensure the CCTV system provides the security solution that quickly alerts security to potential risks.



The offices in the Society House development are popular rental spaces with multinationals and so, along with the presence of the Hilton Hotel on the premises, there are a lot of international visitors and employees on site. This, combined with the high-end shops in the Garden City mall area, does mean the sites are high risk for crime and the CCTV system is an essential part of their incident response and prosecution strategy.