The new Sasol corporate headquarters are busy being completed. When complete the building will be the largest single tenant complex in South Africa, housing 3500 employees across 67,000 square metres of floor space. The building will be used to consolidate Sasol’s existing 17 office buildings into one centralised headquarters.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to deliver sound masking systems across eleven floors and 75 zones in large office spaces with a high concentration of staff in the client’s new building.


The sound masking systems are being delivered on time, within budget and according to the acoustic engineer’s design and specifications. The systems consist of:

  • 3257x sound masking loudspeakers.
  • 38x ambient-sensing microphones.
  • 1x digital signal processor.
  • 11x power amplifiers.
  • 45000 metres of cabling.

Our team worked with the architect to ensure our installation did not in any way compromise the aesthetic of the new building. We also work closely with the consultant, the main contractor and the client to ensure the systems are optimally programmed to best deal with the acoustics in the office caused by the architecture, furniture layout and staff density.


The client has started to move into the office space. The sound masking systems will provide their employees with a more accommodating working environment by reducing the perceived ambient noise levels and increased speech privacy. Staff are less distracted by ambient noise, and so are able to concentrate on their work. Sasol will benefit from their staff’s higher productivity levels.