Lanseria International Airport is one of only two internationally accredited airports in Gauteng. The airport has up to 50 commercial flights in a single day as well as many private flights, and is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to undertake a full new system installation of the voice alarm system in the airport. The new system encompasses all public spaces including restaurants, security checks, departure lounges, boarding gates and arrivals gates. It is used for manual announcements on flights and boarding as well as emergencies. The system also functions with automated airport security announcements playing every 15 minutes. Call stations are situated at the boarding gates, management offices and control towers.


The voice alarm system was completed on schedule and within budget. The system has been a success and Lanseria are in the process of commissioning Clayton Communications to expand the system to include the new international terminal being constructed in 3Q 2016. The system consists of:

  • Installation of 122x loudspeakers
  • Replacement of all existing cable and run 3,000m of new PH30 cable
  • Installation new control equipment and message manager
  • Programme of the system into three separate zones to enable manual announcements and automated messages to target specific areas of the airport.

Special consideration was given to install only in the airport’s quiet periods over night shifts in order to minimise any disruption to passengers.


The voice alarm system provides managed and clear instructions to both passengers and staff in the airport in the event of an emergency. Evacuation can be managed in a controlled and safe manner by phasing the evacuation thereby reducing the chances of stampedes at the exits. The system is continually monitored by built-in checking mechanisms which ensures the system is operating optimally at all times.