Greenstone Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping malls in South Africa with 150 stores and covering 85,000m2 of retail space. The mall is open 24 hours and is visited by tens of thousands of shoppers each day.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to undertake extensive refurbishment and maintenance to the existing voice alarm system in the mall. The new system encompasses all public spaces, retail spaces and car parks. The system is managed from the main security control room and meets stringent EN-54 safety standards. In addition to the voice alarm the system also controls any manual announcements and the background music in the main mall areas.


The voice alarm system was completed on schedule and within budget. All specifications made by the electrical consultant were met. The systems consist of:

  • Test 254x loudspeakers
  • Install additional 130x loudspeakers
  • Replacement of all existing cable and run 12,850m of new PH30 cable
  • Install 4,200m of conduit and cable trays
  • Complete re-programme of all digital head-end equipment

Our project manager works with centre management and the electrical consultant on the project, with regular reports being submitted to both. To minimise the impact of our work during opening hours, our installation teams work on shift rotation across evenings and nights.


The voice alarm system provides managed and clear instructions to both patrons and staff in the mall in the event of an emergency. Evacuation is managed in a controlled and safe manner by phasing the evacuation thereby reducing the chances of stampedes at the exits. The system is continually monitored by built-in checking mechanisms which ensures the system is operating optimally at all times.