Grant Thornton is one of the world’s largest independent accounting and consulting member firms, operating in over 130 countries with combined global revenues of USD4.6bn. Their South Africa office is headquartered at their new premises in Illovo which employs over 600 staff.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to deliver sound masking coverage throughout all working areas across six floors of open plan office space. This is a large sound masking system in an office space with complicated architecture which provided acoustical challenges when designing an optimal sound masking system. The system was designed and calibrated to focus on all open-plan areas.


The sound masking systems were delivered on time, within budget and according to our design and specification. The systems consist of:

  • 270x sound masking speakers
  • 2x 31-band graphic equalizers
  • 2x white noise generators
  • 2x 4-channel power amplifiers
  • 1500 metres of cabling

Our project managers worked with the customer to install a system that was programmed and commissioned to provide sound masking coverage throughout the office spaces, concentrating on potential high noise areas. Once the new furniture was installed into the offices we were able to optimally programme the system with the final acoustic properties of these areas considered.


The client’s managers and employees are managing high value accounts and making many critical analyses of financial reports each day. The pressure they are working under requires full concentration and focus. The sound masking system delivered to the customer has assisted these employees by reducing the perceived ambient noise levels, and increasing speech privacy. Grant Thornton benefits from their staff’s higher productivity levels and concentration levels made in a less distracting environment.