Professional fire detection solutions to manage building-wide security

Fire detection systems provide the first notice of a fire event and provide important early warning so that the danger can be managed, and personnel and property can be protected from fatalities and damage.


Clayton Communications’ projects team work with engineers, consultants and our customers to design fire detection systems that are fully compliant with international safety standards. EN54 are the EU safety standards that set out how a system should be designed and installed, and these are quickly being recognised throughout the world as the benchmark that fire detection systems should meet. Insurance companies are increasingly demanding these standards are adhered to in order to minimise both the risk of fatalities and damage to property, as well as to provide legal protection to facilities managers on charges of negligence in the event of a tragedy occurring


Our installation teams and programmers deliver the solutions in line with EN54 standards, and our maintenance teams operate under service level agreements to service, maintain and repair the technology to ensure it is functioning optimally at all times. Our trainers provide full training on the operation of the systems for all of our customers’ key personnel.
Maintenance and service level plans are offered on all of our fire detection installations. This helps security and facility managers to budget for the maintenance and operational costs of their fire detection systems, and ensures that the systems are maintained in optimum condition so the technology is always ready for when it is needed.


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