24 Central is a venue of offices, restaurants and nightclubs in the heart of Sandton’s financial district. This centre is very busy most hours, popular with Sandton office workers during the day and revellers in the evening. It is at very high risk of fire because of the kitchens and restaurants on the ground floor with the offices on the three floors above.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to design and install a full upgrade to the existing fire detection system to deliver full detection coverage throughout the centre so that the control room can fully monitor the entire centre and are able to quickly evacuate the buildings in case of fire.


The fire detection system was delivered on time, within budget and according to our design and specification. The system consists of:

  • 10x fire panels
  • 250x smoke detectors
  • 50x heat detectors
  • 30x manual call points
  • 3500m PH30 fire retardant cable

Our project managers worked with the landlords and their property management team to ensure the upgrade was installed on schedule and without any down time.


The centre is very popular, in a central location and has a high footfall as a result. The kitchens in the restaurants do provide a fire risk and the offices on the floors above the kitchens are at risk as a result. The upgraded fire detection system provides full detection coverage of the buildings and will provide immediate notice to the site’s security personnel so that their emergency procedures can be quickly followed.