24 Central is a venue of offices, restaurants and nightclubs in the heart of Sandton’s financial district. This centre is very busy most hours, popular with Sandton office workers during the day and revellers in the evening.


Clayton Communications was commissioned to upgrade the existing CCTV system to deliver full camera coverage throughout the centre so that the control room can fully monitor the entire centre. The system was designed to include licence plate recognition cameras at the entry and exit booms as well as facial recognition cameras for all pedestrian entrances. The control room layout was redesigned to ensure security personnel could optimally monitor the cameras in the centre.


The CCTV system was delivered on time, within budget and according to our design and specification. The system consists of:

  • 102x CCTV cameras
  • 7x 16-channel DVR’s
  • 7x 55-inch wall mount monitors

Our project managers worked with the landlords and their property management team to best meet their requirements for system functionality and budget. Hot spot crime and problem areas were identified by management and we produced the solutions to meet their security needs.


The centre is very popular, in a central location and has a high footfall as a result. There are risks of criminal behaviour especially in the evening when people are leaving the nightclubs and restaurants, and the CCTV system is an invaluable component of their incident response and prosecution strategy.